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Automated program trading educates businesses

Won the world award of program trading for 4 consecutive years

The Best Algorithmic Trading Enterprise

Forex Forest Algorithmic Trading

Forex Forest focuses on automated program trading education and program software development, and is one of the few companies in Asia that specializes in developing enterprise-level AI trading programs and teaching automated program trading. It is committed to promoting and educating automated trading and applying it to the mass trading market. With its excellent and leading technology, the automated trading program developed by Forex Forest has won numerous awards and is loved by the general public.

Automated program trading educates businesses

Our advantage


Algorithmic trading

✓ The trading program supports more than 4000+ brokers worldwide
✓ Can be used in a variety of trading markets, including Forex, Indices, Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrencies and other popular trading commodities
✓ Time-saving, computer program 24 hours automatic trading
✓ Achieve consistent, stable passive income


Professional teaching

✓ Courses are ISO9001 certified
✓ Clear and high-quality program trading instructional content
✓ Up to 10 years of AI trading experience taught by the team personally


Enterprise-class program benefits

✓ The technical team develops its own trading program
✓ The program has won the Global Trading Award for 4 consecutive years
✓ Have the strongest trading program to practice AI trading


Easily understand the trading infrastructure

✓ Own GEMSFX teaching system integrates course and tool resources
✓ Seamless integration of teaching courses with third-party trading systems makes it easy to practice procedural trading

Hong Kong automated program trading education enterprise

Why Program Trading?

Programmatic trading system is the world's emerging trading method in the past 20 years, using technical analysis or statistical mathematical measurement methods to find a profitable model, according to the instructions generated by this model, buying, selling and entering and exiting, this trading mode is called programmatic trading, can also be called "quantitative trading" (Quantitative Trading).

The global algorithmic trading market (below is the market study) was worth $10.35 billion in 2018. It increased to USD 13.18 billion in 2021 in three years. The market is expected to reach $23.74 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10.3%.

Algorithmic trading has gradually become a new trend in market trading, and the share of quantitative trading in US stocks has shown a long-term continuous upward trend, accounting for about 60-73% of the overall stock trading in the United States (Wall Street survey). Foreign futures funds even have completely automated program trading as the main entry and exit basis, and their excellent performance is on the list.

Hong Kong automated program trading education enterprise

About Forex Forest

Forex Forest was founded in 2017, founder Wayne Sir developed a full range of automated program trading courses, which have been held for more than 50 sessions and taught more than 15,000 students, many of whom have successfully profited from the market and practiced financial freedom through automated program trading.

In order to promote and educate automatic trading programs, in order to keep up with market trends, the company began to set up a development technology team in 2018 to develop its own trading programs, through the analysis of big data by a professional financial team, the development team developed the most accurate trading programs, and finally won the international trading program award in 2020, and has won the global trading program award for 3 consecutive years, becoming an international professional recognition of automatic program trading education enterprises.

Our own GEMSFX teaching system works with courses and tools

Learn program trading through the GEMSFX system

GEMS Teaching System is a self-developed teaching platform that integrates course and trading tool resources to provide an excellent system, all of which can improve your learning efficiency and knowledge reserve.

Forex Forest has also developed a systematic learning method that takes you through the core of program trading in an easy-to-understand format. Preliminary understanding of how to use different programs (MT4 teaching), trading strategies, auxiliary tools, under the leadership of the senior financial technology teaching team to try the next step of operation, using past trading data for testing, simulated positions for repeated and intensive exercises, and finally using real positions under risk control.

Full range of automated program trading courses

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2021 The Asia's Most Valuable Brand Awards (AMVB)

亞洲最有價值品牌獎 (AMVB)

The 20th Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards

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2021 The Smartest
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2020 Most Outstanding
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The Smartest Business Award 2022


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ISO 9001 Certification International

ISO 9001 品質認證
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The Hong Kong Council of
Social Service

商界展關懷 2020-23


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