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What is the content of an Algorithmic Trading Course?

What are the key points of an Automated Trading Course?

Course Content

Automated Algorithmic Trading Tutorial

✓ Explanation and Analysis of Global Algorithmic Trading Market Trends
✓ Currency Mechanics and the Repeat Profit Method of Strong Currencies
✓ Introduction to Automated Algorithmic Trading
✓ How to Find Programs and Strategies with High Profit Probability
✓ How to Replicate Others' High Return Strategies
✓ Distinguishing Good and Bad Trading Strategy Software (EA)

Basic Computer Equipment Tutorial and Setup Practice

✓ How to Install and Use International Trading Platforms MT4 or MT5
✓ How to Operate Algorithmic Trading Strategy Software (EA)
✓ Tutorial on Algorithmic Trading Backtesting Methods
✓ MT4 Demo Investment Account Setup and Operation
✓ Development of AI Automated Trading
✓ Sharing of System Trading Monthly Growth of 10% Examples

Distinguishing the Reliability of Forex Platforms and Systems

✓ Comparison of Trading Systems such as MT4, Multicharts, Python, etc.
✓ Risk Management is More Important than Making Money
✓ How to Use EA to Achieve Controlled Risk

Self-developed Gems Teaching System with Courses and Tools:

What Can Investors Achieve in a 5-hour Face-to-Face Class?

  • 1. High-Speed Market Monitoring System

    Simultaneously access live data streaming of thousands of futures and forex portfolios.

  • 2. Tutorial on Algorithmic Trading Backtesting Methods

    Using a computer, you can confirm the performance of your algorithmic strategy in the past 10 years of trading history within just 5 minutes.

  • 3. Find the Best Parameters in 3 Minutes from Thousands of Futures and Forex Portfolios

    Utilize trading indicators such as moving averages (MA), relative strength index (RSI), stochastic oscillator, Bollinger Bands, etc., to capture entry signals. While it may take 3-4 hours for manual analysis, using the program for analysis only takes 3 minutes.



Forex Forest: Our In-House Developed Indicator

Find the Best Parameters in Thousands of Futures and Forex Portfolios in Just 3 Minutes

Want to Start Futures Trading but Lack Trading Foundation?

A 5-Hour Face-to-Face Class is the Perfect Starting Point for Your Trading Journey.

This Course is Suitable for the Following Individuals:


Novice investors


Experienced investors


Individuals looking to increase wealth


Those seeking additional investment income

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Comprehensive Automated Algorithmic Trading Course

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Awards & Certifications


The Best Algorithmic Trading Fintech Company Global 2023
World's Best Automated Program Financial Startups 2023

The "International Business Magazine Awards" is organized by the international financial professional media, and its awards are designed to recognize the contribution of international business institutions and financial enterprises to the market, with global recognition and credibility.


Winner of the 2020 – 2022 Global Forex Awards
Best Forex Automated Program Trading – Worldwide

These awards recognize and reward the best in the global retail forex market. With a record number of votes from the global open forex trading community, we were able to win this award. The Global FX Awards are designed to highlight the best performing global regional FX business or program trading development companies. We have won the award for Best Forex Automated Program Trading for 3 consecutive years (2020-2022), and our company development team and the users who use this program are truly proud to have successfully profited.


The 20th Capital Outstanding Enterprise Awards
Outstanding AI program trading strategy development company

Outstanding AI program trading education enterprise

The Capital Outstanding Corporate Achievement Award organised by Capital Magazine not only aims to recognise outstanding performance, but also aims to make the public and peers more aware of the efforts and achievements of the winning companies in the past year through the sharing of different successful companies.


CORPHUB’s Most Outstanding Services Awards
HKMOS Awards 2020
Most Reputable Investment Trading Strategy Service of the Year

HKMOB Awards Hong Kong's Best Corporate Awards 2020 is an outstanding business award that annually selects the most outstanding companies and leaders in various industries, and its selection process covers a rigorous and multi-faceted selection process, recognising outstanding performance of business leaders in five areas: leadership and administration, market competitiveness, brand innovation, product/service and corporate social responsibility.


Certification International

ISO 9001 Quality Certification Automated Program Trading Course


The Smartest Business Award 2022
Most Influential Program Trading Enterprise Award 2022

The Smart Business Award aims to recognise the outstanding performance of elite enterprises in various industries, and the selection criteria include popularity, service quality and social responsibility.


Myth Focus The Asia’s Most Valuable Brand Awards (AMVB)
Asia's Most Valuable Brand Award (AMVB)


The Most Trusted Algorithmic Trading Education Company
Smart "Type" Business Award 2021

The Smartest Business Award 2021
Most Trusted Program Trading Education Enterprise Award


CSG Marketing Research
Based on market research conducted by CSG in 2020

95% of participants agreed that the course continuously updated the trading process to capture the best returns for the students

2020-2023_C (1)

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Awarded by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Caring Company 2020-23

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